14th Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation
27th - 28th of May 2010 - Saint-Raphaël, France
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Final Programme

26.May   18.30   Welcome Reception    La Marina Hotel
27.May   09.00   Opening    EAMT President, Andy Way
  09.15   Invited speaker: Born Global - How to Communicate Effectively in an International Environment    Doris Albisser, CEO - CLS Communication, Switzerland
  10.00   Coffee break    
  10.30   Research paper: Can inversion transduction grammars generate hand alignments?    Anders Søgaard
  11.00   Research paper: A fully unsupervised approach for mining parallel data from comparable corpora    Thi Ngoc Diep Do, Laurent Besacier and Eric Castelli
  11.30   Research paper: Statistical Analysis of Alignment Characteristics for Phrase-based Machine Translation    Patrik Lambert, Simon Petitrenaud, Yanjun Ma and Andy Way
  12.00   Lunch break    
  13.00   User report: Language Technology Resource Center    Jennifer DeCamp
  13.30   User report: What's driving MT and why should we care?    Lori Thicke, CEO, Lexcelera. Innovating Translation
  14.00   User report: MT selection in the enterprise    Heidi Depraetere and Pablo Vazquez
  14.30   User report: Let a Thousand MT Systems Bloom    Jaap van der Meer, TAUS
  15.00   Poster session 1 (19 posters)    See below
  15.30   Coffee break    
  16.00   Poster session 1 (cont'd)    
  16.30   Research paper: Domain Adaptation in Statistical Machine Translation using Factored Translation Models    Jan Niehues and Alex Waibel
  17.00   Research paper: Online Language Model adaptation via N-gram Mixtures for Statistical Machine Translation    Gárman Sanchis-Trilles and Mauro Cettolo
  17.30   Research paper: Learning an Expert from Human Annotations in Statistical Machine Translation: the Case of Out-of-Vocabulary Words    Wilker Aziz, Marc Dymetman, Lucia Specia and Shachar Mirkin
  18.00   Research paper: The Impact of Source-Side Syntactic Reordering on Hierarchical Phrase-based SMT    Jinhua Du and Andy Way
  18.30   End day 1    
  20.00   Conference Banquet    Hotel La Marina
28.May   09.00   Research paper: Integrating a Rule-based System with Hierarchical Translation System    Yu Chen and Andreas Eisele
  09.30   Research paper: A Novel Statistical Pre-Processing Model for Rule-Based Machine Translation System    Yanli Sun
  10.00   Coffee break    
  10.30   European Community supported projects - plenary presentations    Projects: EuroMatrixPlus, iTRANSLATE4, META-NET, MOLTO, PANACEA, PLUTO, TTC
  11.00   European Community supported projects - poster presentations    See below
  12.00   EAMT General Assembly    
  12.30   Lunch break    
  14.00   User report: The Evolution of the European Machine Translation Programme at the European Patent Office    Patrizia Biani, Country Coordinator, European Affairs, Member States Co-op. , European Patent Office
  14.30   User report: Using the Apertium Spanish-Brazilian Portuguese machine translation system for localization    Masselot François, Ribiczey Petra and Ramírez-Sánchez Gema
  15.00   User report: Employing Machine Translation in Glocalization Tasks - A Use Case Study -    Jörg Schütz and Sven Christian Andrä
  15.30   User report: Haitian Creole: How to Build and Ship an MT Engine from Scratch in 4 days, 17 hours, & 30 minutes    William Lewis
  16.00   Coffee break    
  16.30   Research paper: Bottom-up Transfer in Example-based Machine Translation    Vincent Vandeghinste and Scott Martens
  17.00   Research paper: A Bootstrapped Interlingua-Based SMT Architecture    Manny Rayner, Paula Estrella and Pierrette Bouillon
  17.30   Research paper: Automatic Determination of Number of clusters for creating Templates in Example-Based Machine Translation    Rashmi Gangadharaiah, Ralf Brown and Jaime Carbonell
  18.00   Best Thesis Award    Presented by Mikel L. Forcada, EAMT Secretary
  18.30   Closing    
    27.MAY, 15.30 - 17.00 POSTER PRESENTATIONS:
    Query translation using Wikipedia-based resources for analysis and disambiguation    Benoit Gaillard, Malek Boualem and Olivier Collin
    What counts as useful advice in a university post-editing training context? Report on a case    Ilse Depraetere
    Linguistic-based Evaluation Criteria to identify Statistical Machine Translation Errors    Mireia Farrús, Marta R. Costa-jussà, José B. Mariño and José A. R. Fonollosa
    Rule-based Breton to French machine translation    Francis Tyers
    Robust Estimation of Feature Weights in Statistical Machine Translation    Cristina España-Bonet and Lluís Màrquez
    Potential scope of a fully-integrated architecture for speech translation    Alicia Pérez, M. Inés Torres and Francisco Casacuberta
    Integration of statistical collocation segmentations in a phrase-based statistical machine translation system    Marta R. Costa-jussà, Rafael E. Banchs and Vidas Daudaravicius
    On the Use of Confidence Measures within an Interactive-predictive Machine Translation System    Jesús González-Rubio, Daniel Ortíz-Martínez and Francisco Casacuberta
    Analysing Post-Editing Performance: Correlations with Years of Translation Experience    Giselle de Almeida and Sharon O'Brien
    A Deterministic Annealing-Based Training Algorithm For Statistical Machine Translation Models    Pascual Martínez Gómez, Keiichi Tokuda, Yoshihiko Nankaku and Kei Hashimoto
    English to Bangla Phrase-Based Machine Translation    Md. Zahurul Islam, Jörg Tiedemann and Andreas Eisele
    Translation practice in the workplace and Machine Translation    Nikiforos Karamanis, Saturnino Luz and Gavin Doherty
    Speeding up the Implementation Process of a Shallow Transfer Machine Translation System    Jernej Vicic and Petr Homola
    Lattice Score Based Data Cleaning For Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation    Jie Jiang, Andy Way and Julie Berndsen
    Chunk-Based EBMT    Jae Dong Kim, Ralf Brown and Jaime Carbonell
    Source reordering using MaxEnt classifiers and supertags    Maxim Khalilov and Khalil Sima'an
    Correlating Translation Product and Translation Process Data of Professional and Student Translators    Michael Carl and Matthias Buch-Kromann
    TMX Markup: A Challenge When Adapting SMT to Localisation Environment    Jinhua Du, Johann Roturier and Andy Way
    Bridging the Gap - EuroTermBank Terminology Delivered to Users' Environment    Tatiana Gornostay, Andrejs Vasiljevs, Signe Rirdance and Roberts Rozis
    28.MAY, 11.30 - 12.30 European Community supported projects - poster presentations
    EuroMatrixPlus    Andreas Eisele, Andy Way and Marcello Federico
    "iTranslate4" (Internet Translators for all European Languages)    László Tihanyi and Csaba Merényi
    META-NET (EC-internally known as T4ME)    Andreas Eisele, Andy Way and Marcello Federico
    MOLTO - Multilingual Online Translation    Cristina España-Bonet and Lluís Màrquez
    PANACEA (Platform for Automatic, Normalized Annotation and Cost- Effective Acquisition)    Marc Poch
    PLuTO    Andy Way and John Tinsley
    TTC - Terminology Extraction, Translation Tools and Comparable Corpora    Tatiana Gornostay


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