Machine Translation Summit XIV, Nice, France
2 - 6 September 2013
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Monday 2 SEPT 2013:
 08:00 – 18:00 Tutorials and Workshops
Tuesday 3 SEPT 2013:
 08:00 – 18:00 Tutorials and Workshops
 19:30 – 21:30 Welcoming Reception
Wednesday 4 SEPT 2013:
 09:00 – 18:00 Main Conference MT SUMMIT XIV
Thursday 5 SEPT 2013:
 09:00 – 18:00 Main Conference MT SUMMIT XIV
 20:00 –    Conference Banquet
Friday 6 SEPT 2013:
 09:00 – 18:00 Main Conference MT SUMMIT XIV

Machine Translation Summit 2013 – Main Conference Programme


Tuesday, September 3, 2013




Welcome Reception - Radisson Blu Hotel

223 Promenade des Anglais, Nice (Regency Beach)


Wednesday, September 4, 2013



Light Breakfast – Lounge area


Opening session – Main Conference Room (M6)

Andy Way, President of the IAMT


Invited Speaker - Main Conference Room (M6)

Chair: Khalil Sima’an

The operation sequence model: Integrating translation and reordering operations in a single left-to-right model

Professor Hinrich Schuetze, Center for Information and Language Processing, University of Munich, Germany


Coffee Break – Lounge area


R & D Track 1

Main conf. room (M6)

R & D Track 2

Conference room B

User Track

Conference room C



Session: Adaptation and Genre

Chair: Hermann Ney

Quality Estimation and MT Applications

Chair: Michel Simard.


User session 1

Chair: Daniel Grasmick


Conditional Random Fields Using Intermediate Classes for Statistical Machine Translation

Patrick Lehnen, Jan-Thorsten Peter, Jörn Wübker, Stephan Peitz and Hermann Ney

An Investigation on the Effectiveness of Features for Translation Quality Estimation

Kashif Shah, Trevor Cohn and Lucia Specia

ROI Analysis model for Language Service Providers

Ekaterina Stambolieva (Euroscript).


Simulating Discriminative Training for Linear Mixture Adaptation in Statistical Machine Translation 
George Foster, Boxing Chen and Roland Kuhn

Meta-Evaluation of a Diagnostic Quality Metric for Machine Translation

Sudip Kumar Naskar, Antonio Toral, Federico Gaspari and Declan Groves

Connectivity, Adaptability, Productivity, Quality, Price… What are the necessary ingredients to get the MT recipe right?        

Laura Casanellas (Welocalize)



Generative and Discriminative Methods for Online Adaptation in SMT
Katharina Waeschle, Patrick Simianer, Nicola Bertoldi, Stefan Riezler and Marcello Federico

The Effects of Factorizing Root and Pattern Mapping in Bidirectional Tunisian - Standard Arabic Machine Translation

Ahmed Hamdi, Rahma Boujelbane, Nizar Habash and Alexis Nasr

Large-scale multiple language translation accelerator at the United Nations

Bruno Pouliquen (WIPO), Cecilia Elizalde (UN), Marcin Junczys-Dowmunt (Adam Mickiewicz university), Christophe Mazenc (WIPO) and José García-Verdugo (UN)


Lunch Break


Research poster session – Main conf. room (M6)/Lounge area


Research poster boaster followed by

Poster panel specifications

Research poster session – Lounge area


·   Translating the FINREP taxonomy using a domain-specific corpus

    Mihael Arcan, Susan Marie Thomas, Derek De Brandt and Paul Buitelaar.

·   Promoting Flexible Translations in Statistical Machine Translation

    Rico Sennrich.

·   Language-independent Model for Machine Translation Evaluation with Reinforced Factors

    Aaron Li-Feng Han, Derek F. Wong, Lidia S. Chao, Liangye He, Yi Lu, Junwen Xing and Xiaodong Zeng

·   A CCG-based Quality Estimation Metric for Statistical Machine Translation

    Hala Almaghout and Lucia Specia.

·   Learning from human judgments of machine translation output

    Maja Popovic, Eleftherios Avramidis, Aljoscha Burchardt, Sabine Hunsicker, Sven Schmeier, Cindy Tscherwinka and David Vilar.

·   Towards the Supervised Machine Translation: Real Word Alignments and translations in a Multi-task Active Learning process.

    Martha Alicia Rocha and Joan Andreu Sánchez.

·   Comparing Forum Data Post-Editing Performance Using Translation Memory and Machine Translation Output: A Pilot Study

    Lucía Morado Vázquez, Silvia Rodríguez Vázquez and Pierrette Bouillon.

·   Confidence-driven Rewriting for Improved Translation

    Shachar Mirkin, Sriram Venkatapathy and Marc Dymetman.

·   Statistical Machine Translation for Automobile Marketing Texts

    Samuel Läubli, Mark Fishel, Manuela Weibel and Martin Volk.

·   MT Techniques in a Retrieval System of Semantically Enriched Patents

Meritxell Gonzalez, Mateva Maria, Enache Ramona, Cristina España-Bonet and Lluís Màrquez.

·   Application of Online Terminology Services in Statistical Machine Translation

    Raivis Skadins, Marcis Pinnis, Tatiana Gornostay and Andrejs Vasiljevs.

·   Key Problems in Conversion from Simplified to Traditional Chinese Characters

    Xiaodong Shi and Yidong Chen.

·   Topic Models for Translation Quality Estimation for Gisting Purposes

Raphaël Rubino, José Guilherme Camargo de Souza, Jennifer Foster and Lucia Specia



Coffee Break – Lounge area


R & D Track 1

Main conf. room (M6)


R & D Track 2

Conference room B

User Track

Conference room C


Quality Estimation with Applications

Chair: Marcello Federico

WSDs, Semantic-relatedness and Online Adaptation

Chair:Philipp Koehn


User session 2

Chair: Heidi Depraetere


Real-life Translation Quality Estimation for MT System Selection

Lluís Formiga and Lluís Màrquez

Semi-Supervised Word Sense Disambiguation for Mixed-Initiative Conversational Spoken Language Translation

Sankaranarayanan Ananthakrishnan, Sanjika Hewavitharana, Rohit Kumar, Enoch Kan, Rohit Prasad and PremNatarajan

Hybrid Domain Adaptation for a Rule Based MT System

Petra Wolf and Ulrike Bernardi (Lucy Software)


Quality Estimation-guided Data Selection for Domain Adaptation of SMT

Pratyush Banerjee, Raphael Rubino, Johann Roturier and Josef van Genabith

Using Semantic Relatedness for Bilingual Lexicon Extraction from Comparable Corpora

Dhouha Bouamor, Nasredine Semmar and Pierre Zweigenbaum

Terminology Management in an MT Context

Thomas Senf, Horst Liebscher, Text&Form)


Listwise Approach to Learning to Rank for Automatic Evaluation of Machine Translation

Maoxi Li, Aiwen Jiang and Mingwen Wang

Cache-based Online Adaptation for Machine Translation Enhanced Computer Assisted Translation

Nicola Bertoldi, Mauro Cettolo and Marcello Federico

Designing a new CAT Tool with Translator Interaction    

Laura Bota, Christof Schneider and Andy Way (Lingo24)


Thursday, September 5, 2013






Light Breakfast – Lounge area


Invited Speaker  - Main conference room (M6)

Chair: Daniel Grasmick

Demystifying Machine Translation: Learning from the real World

Harald Elsen, Managing Director, DELTA International CITS GmbH, Bonn, Germany 


Coffee Break – Lounge area


R & D Track 1

Main conf. room (M6)

R & D Track 2

Conference room B

User Track

Conference room C



Post-editing and Terminologies

Chair: Lucia Specia

Alignment and Word Order

Chair: Martin Volk


User session 3 

Chair: Heidi Depraetere


Terminology-driven Augmentation of Bilingual Terminologies

Koichi Satoh, Koichi Takeuchi and Kyo Kageura

Reverse Word Order Model

Markus Freitag, Minwei Feng, Matthias Huck, Stephan Peitz and Hermann Ney

Implementing ITS 2.0 for post-editing purposes

Celia Rico (Universidad Europea de Madrid), Pedro Luis Díez Orzas (LinguaServe) , Felix Sasaki (DFKI/W3C)


Analysis of a Large Corpus of Post-Edited Translations: Quality Estimation, Failure Analysis and the Variability of Post-Edition

Guillaume Wisniewski, Anil Kumar Singh, Natalia Segal and François Yvon

Yet Another Fast, Robust and Open Source Sentence Aligner. Time to Reconsider Sentence Alignment?

Fethi Lamraoui and Philippe Langlais

User Evaluation of Advanced Interaction Features for a Computer-Assisted Translation Workbench

Jesús González-Rubio, Vicente Alabau, Luis A. Leiva, Daniel Ortíz-Martínez, Germán Sanchis-Trilles, Francisco Casacuberta, (all Universitat Politècnica de Valencia); Bartolomé Mesa-Lao, Ragnar Bonk, Michael Carl, Mercedes García-Martínez (all Copenhagen Business School)


PEPr: Post-Edit Propagation Using Phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation

Michel Simard and George Foster


MWE Alignment in Phrase Based Statistical Machine Translation

Santanu Pal, Sudip Kumar Naskar and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay

Analyzing and Predicting MT Utility and Post-Editing Productivity in Enterprise-scale Translation Projects

Olga Beregovaya (Welocalize), Alon Lavie (Safaba), David Clarke (Welocalize) and Michael Denkowski (Safaba)


EAMT General Assembly

AMTA Meeting

AAMT Meeting


Lunch Break –Lounge area

 IAMT Council meeting: Conference room A2


Main conference room (M6)


User presentation:

Including the User into Research and Application Improvement

Professor Hans Uszkoreit (DFKI GmbH)


FP7 poster session - Main conf. room (M6)/Lounge area

Poster panel specifications


FP7 poster boaster (Main conference room-M6) followed by FP poster session – Lounge area


·   LetsMT! as a learning platform for SMT

Hanne Fersøe, Dorte Hansen, Lene Offersgaard, Sussi Olsen, Claus Povlsen

·   SMT Approaches for Commercial Translation of Subtitles. Project SUMAT

Thierry Etchegoyhen, Mark Fishel, Jie Jiang, Mirjam Sepesy Maucec


Aarne Ranta


Alfons Juan & Jesus Ferrer

·   TTC

Beatrice Daille


·   Giorg Tambouratzis


Hermann Ney


·  Georg Rehm


   Bernardo Magnini


   Heidi Depraetere

·  XLike

   Marko Tadic

·  Monnet

   Mihael Arcan, Paul Buitelaar


·   MT in CNGL II

Qun Liu


Marcello Federico


Yota Georgakopoulou,  


Sebastian Stueker


Stephen Doherty


 Lluis Marquez


   Nuria Bel


   Philipp Koehn

·  TaaS

   Andrejs Vasiljevs


   Philipp Koehn


P. Bouillon and V. Seretan


Manuel Herranz, Alex Helle and Elia Yuste


Coffee Break – Lounge area


FP7 Poster session (continued) - Lounge area






Conference Banquet - Palais De La Mediterranee Hotel,

 15 Promenade des Anglais, Nice


Friday, September 6, 2013






Light Breakfast – Lounge area


R & D Track 1

Main conf. room (M6)

R & D Track 2

Conference room B

User Track

Conference room C



Self-Tuning or Automatic Induction

Chair: Josef van Genabith


Resource poor MT and MT Applications

Chair: Antonio Toral


User session 4

Chair: Daniel Grasmick


Can informal genres be better translated by tuning on automatic semantic metrics?
Chi-Kiu Lo and Dekai Wu

A free/open-source Kazakh-Tatar machine translation system

Ilnar Salimzyanov, Jonathan Washington and Francis Tyers

A Practical Approach to Handling Product-Specific Terminology in an SMT Context

Ventsislav Zhechev, Autodesk



Inducing Romanization Systems

Keiko Taguchi, Andrew Finch, Seiichi Yamamoto and Eiichiro Sumita

Development of a Simultaneous Interpretation System for Face-to-Face Services and Its Evaluation Experiment in Real Situation

Akiko Sakamoto, Nayuko Watanabe, Satoshi Kamatani and Kazuo Sumita

Productivity or Quality? Let’s do both!

Joachim Van den Bogaert and Nathalie De Sutter, (CrossLang)


Self-Tuning Machine Translation for Computer Assisted Translation

Mauro Cettolo, Nicola Bertoldi and Marcello Federico

Modeling Hip Hop Challenge-Response Lyrics as Machine Translation

Karteek Addanki, Markus Saers and Dekai Wu

The Importance of Being Engine Agnostic

Lori Thicke (LexWorks


Coffee Break – Lounge area


User Presentations - Main conference room (M6)

Chair: Daniel Grasmick


Using MT as enabler for differentiated quality levels            

Rafa Moral, Eric Blassin, (LionBridge)


MT Integration into Daily Business Sigrun Gehrig (IBM Germany)


Lunch Break


Main conference room (M6)


USE CASE: Customization and Collaboration to enhance MT for a Knowledge Base online portal

Chris Wendt and Federico Garcea, Microsoft Research


IAMT General Assembly chaired by IAMT President, Andy Way


Best paper award, EAMT Lifetime Achievement Award, IAMT Award of Honor


Coffee Break – Lounge area


Panel discussion:

The MT Tower of Babel

“Bridging the gaps between Research, Education, Development, Service Provision and Usage of Machine Translation”

Participants: Felix Sasaki (DFKI/W3C), Khalil Sima’an (University of Amsterdam),  Andy Way (lingo24), Federico Garcea (Microsoft), Eric Blassin (LionBridge),  Laura Rossi (LexisNexis)


Closing session