Machine Translation Summit XIV, Nice, France
2 - 6 September 2013
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Tutorial 5: Tuesday, 3 SEPT 2013 2 pm - 6 pm

Enabling Interoperability in Localization and Translation Workflows through Standards - The Linport Approach

Organized by:
   Prof. Jörg Schütz, Bioloom Group
   Prof. Alan K. Melby, Brigham Young University

Interoperability has been and still is a hot topic for ensuring seamless communication and exchange among the various stakeholders in the localization and translation supply chain without any information loss. Whereas standards like TBX, TMX, ITS, and XLIFF address the interoperability of language resources, Linport (Language Interoperability Portfolio) aims at specifying a full-fledged container format and data model for an entire localization and translation project including its procedural aspects to also account for automation, and an effective communication between different Translation Management Systems, and other related tools and applications.

To fully satisfy this endeavor, Linport has joined forces with and includes the Interoperability-Now! initiative that has developed, on the one hand, an interoperable package format (Translation Interoperability Protocol Package -- TIPP) for data transfer of semantically tagged information objects, and on the other hand, streamlined the existing XLIFF 1.2 standard in several ways to ensure an unambiguous and thus interoperable description format and reference for documents (XLIFF:doc). The theoretical backbone of Linport is based on the recently published ISO/TS-11669 (Translation Projects -- General Guidance; May 2012), and fully employs its Structured Translation Specifications (STS) approach.

  1. Brief history of Linport and Interoperability-Now!, and the rational and the supporters of both initiatives
  2. Introduction of the underlying concepts, formats, and data models
  3. Outline of XLIFF:doc and TIPP
  4. Examples to showcase the approach including a demo of the TMS-to-TMS communication
  5. How Linport relates to human translation, machine translation, and hybrid workflows involving both machine translation and human post-editing
  6. Next steps on the road to standardization
  7. Recap and general discussion

Further information:
Linport -- (There is also a discussion group at GALA -- Interoperability-Now! --



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