Machine Translation Summit XIV, Nice, France
2 - 6 September 2013
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Workshop 2 (The 2nd Workshop on Post-Editing Technologies and Practice)


List of papers

Front Matter
Sharon O'Brien, Michel Simard and Lucia Specia (eds.)

Advanced Computer Aided Translation with a Web-Based Workbench
Vicent Alabau, Ragnar Bonk, Christian Buck, Michael Carl, Francisco Casacuberta, Mercedes Garcia-Martinez, Philipp Koehn, Luis Leiva, Bartolome Mesa-Lao, Herve Saint-Amand, Chara Tsoukala, German Sanchis, Daniel Ortiz and Jesus Gonzalez

Issues in Incremental Adaptation of Statistical MT from Human Post-edits
Mauro Cettolo, Nicola Bertoldi, Marcello Federico, Christophe Servan, Loïc Barrault and Holger Schwenk

Quality as the sum of its parts: A two-step approach for the identification of translation problems and translation quality assessment for HT and MT+PE
Joke Daems and Lieve Macken

Combining pre-editing and post-editing to improve SMT of user-generated content
Johanna Gerlach, Victoria Porro, Pierrette Bouillon and Sabine Lehmann

Transferring Source Tags to the Target Text in Statistical Machine Translation: A Two-Stream Approach
Eric Joanis, Darlene Stewart, Samuel Larkin and Roland Kuhn

This translation is not too bad: An analysis of post-editor choices in a machine translation post-editing task
Maarit Koponen

Assessing Post-Editing Efficiency in a Realistic Translation Environment
Samuel Läubli, Mark Fishel, Gary Massey, Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow and Martin Volk

Integrated Post-Editing and Translation Management for Lay User Communities
Adrian Laurenzi, Megumu Brownstein, Anne M. Turner and Katrin Kirchhoff

Community-based post-editing of machine-translated content: monolingual vs. bilingual
Linda Mitchell, Johann Roturier and Sharon O'Brien

User Attitudes to the Post-Editing Interface
Joss Moorkens and Sharon O'Brien

What can we learn about selection mechanism for post-editing?
Maja Popovic, Aljoscha Burchardt, Eleftherios Avramidis and David Vilar

The ACCEPT Post-Editing environment: a flexible and customisable online tool to perform and analyse machine translation post-editing
Johann Roturier, Linda Mitchell and David Silva

An Evaluation of Tools for Post-Editing Research: The Current Picture and Further Needs
Lucas Nunes Vieira

Online production of HQ parallel corpora and permanent task-based evaluation of multiple MT systems: both can be obtained through iMAGs with no added cost
Lingxiao Wang and Christian Boitet



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